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Blissedout bathbombs

Breathe better body budda

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Scented in BREATHE BETTER. (Eucalyptus and wintergreen (mint) therapeutic grade essential oils)

Why choose breathe better? The perfect combo for cold and flu season. The cooling scent of eucalyptus may help stimulate your immune system by improving respritory issues. Wintergreen (mint) has been known to alleviate sinus pressure.


These essential oils target the respiratory system! Try this in place of vapour rubs like vicks. Can be used for muscle pain, aches, cramps, stress relief and extreme dryness. Use in replacement of other muscle rub releivers like a535 & icyhot. 



Shea butter, cannabis sativa seed oil, coconut oil, glycerin, eucalyptus and wintergreen (mint) therapeutic grade essential oils.


1-Apply a generous amount onto affected area & realx!

2- Store at room temperature.