Blissed Out wellness, infused topicals for the modern day hippie.

Our company strives to promote self-care through the beauty of the bathtub; a sacred place to cleanse our minds, bodies and souls. The mission is to take better care of our bodies, promote a natural healing path, and find clarity within. To remind ourselves that sometimes in this non-stop society that it is okay to slow down and get “blissed out” with our products. Our cannabis sativa seed (hemp) infused products are here to help you de-stress, relieve pain, and feel bliss without “the high”.

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  • CD:

    The “Body budda” is saving my dry, cracked, and bleeding knuckles right now! Anyone who struggles with dry skin this time of year would be crazy not to grab themselves some STAT!

  • DC:

    I’m ruined! NO other bath products compare to the quality and luxuriousness.

  • LS:

    I've had a chance to use some bath bombs! Last week I was having such bad anxiety attacks, one day I had five throughout the day. Used the lavender that evening and it chilled me right out. Your products are awesome and my skin feels so soft too.

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