About Us

Want to learn a little more about Blissed Out?

Our company strives to promote self-care through the beauty of the bathtub; a sacred place to cleanse our minds, bodies and souls. The mission is to take better care of our bodies, promote a natural healing path, and find clarity within. To remind ourselves that sometimes in this non-stop society that it is okay to slow down and get “blissed out” with our products. Our cannabis sativa seed infused products are here to help you de-stress, relieve pain, and feel bliss without “the high”.

The Blissed Out warehouse is Located in Cold Lake, AB. Where we continously deliver quality, comforting and nourishing products since 2018. Small batch, handmade goodness!

Meet the makers:

Rylee & Eric.

We started Blissed Out Wellness Ltd in 2018. While pregnant with our first daughter we found the Canadian cannabis/hemp market very limited. So, we started our own! Ever since we have spent majority of our time growing our buisness and our family.


The smile you’ll see when entering the blissed out storefornt AND the social influencer ;) When Lauren isn’t at Blissed helping out customers she is in school, playing soccer or watching Netflix with her dog Harlow.


The Blissed sis. You can find Alana running markets and doing an assortment of things for Blissed Out in the YEG area. When Alana isn’t helping out her fave sister she is waking up at 5am to run marathons.

*Not Pictured*

ALL of the family, friends, and blissed out community members that have made us grow in SO many ways over the years. We are so thankful for every person that has helped us mail off product, wrap bathbombs, do deliveries, watched our little ones, or just shared our story. We could not do it without the love+support you’ve provided.