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Tippy tallow



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Meet the new man in our lives, Frank. He is dependable, versatile and some might even refer to him as the tall drink of water your dehydrated skin has been longing for.

Experience for yourself, the magic of this original Tippy Tallow blend that started it all. 

This intentionally crafted formulation sparked a skincare revolution when it cleared up painful eczema (over 2 applications!) on its founder’s 3 month old baby during the harsh dry Alberta winter.

This skincare staple provides the healing anti-inflammatory properties of organic calendula flower by infusion during the second purifying render of the tallow. Real frankincense resin is ground by hand and then infused into organic camellia seed oil. This method ensures this unique blend holds a soft aroma along with the healing properties of nature’s antiseptic. 

This blend is wonderful for all your skincare needs but has been intentionally formulated for:

  • Eczema, psoriasis, rashes, minor scrapes and burns 
  • Viral lesions and open sores (hand foot mouth scabs for example)
  • Babies (as an overall moisturizer)

This transformative balm delivers unparalleled hydration, restores the integrity of your skin’s moisture barrier and will be your new go-to for any skin irritations.. Experience the power of the natural goodness that started it all – our original Frank Tallow Blend.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Calendula Infused Grass Fed/Finished Alberta Beef Tallow, Frankincense Infused Apricot Kernel Oil, Vitamin E

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