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Tippy tallow



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Our signature Dreamy Cow blend is an iconic favourite due to its incredibly delicious yet soft scent. You will create a core memory with ritualistic use of this lavish potion. 

This blend is wonderful for all your skincare needs but is intentionally formulated for:

  • Fine lines + wrinkles
  • The skin of the face 
  • Healing ointment for irritated skin(Post laser treatment, chemical peel aftercare, sunburn, tattoo balm)We delicately infuse this blend’s tallow with premium organic lavender flower during the second purifying process. The soft consistency comes from whipping the tallow with our blend of apricot seed and castor oil infused with orange zest and vanilla bean. This blend is slightly creamier due to the richer properties of castor oil, but leaves a smooth satin finish. You will find yourself reaching for your blue jar over all your other products - your only regret will be not having gone with a bigger size! 

INGREDIENTS: Organic Lavender Infused Grass Fed/Finished Alberta Beef Tallow, Orange Zest + Vanilla Bean Infused Apricot Kernel + Castor Oil Blend, Vitamin E.

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